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Who am I ?

Helen Owen | Spiritual Communicator, Healer & Creator
Helen Owen | Spiritual Communicator, Healer & Creator
Helen Owen | Spiritual Communicator, Healer & Creator

Helen is a modern day mystic, someone who knows how to tap into the magic of the spiritual world, yet she continues to live a very modern grounded life. She’s just like you and me, she’s a busy Mum to three beautiful children, a loving wife and carer of many.

She has an open heart and mind when it comes to working with people. Having been a Nurse for 17yrs she has pretty much seen and heard it all, so no problem is too big or too small. She is loving, she is kind, she is trustworthy, all the attributes you would hope for in a helper and a healer.

She beautifully blends her mystical magic with her kind and loving advice, which leaves you feeling calm and reassured. If you aren’t sure who can help or what to do, be sure that Helen will help you if she can, and if she can’t she will help you find someone who can.

This isn’t about giving without receiving, she is a fair and reliable source who can help and guide you on your way. She is a shining light on your darkest day, if you need her help get in touch she would love to hear from you.

If you want to have a look around for a little longer here are the places we would suggest you browse, hopefully, you will find something that’s useful to you.

Every month (sometimes more often ) Helen shares her monthly muse on her blog. She likes to talk about all things spiritual and how they relate to our everyday life.

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If you want to know more about working with Helen (there are lots of ways) then we suggest you head over here and have a little look around, see if there is something that suits you.


What my clients have to say:

Thank you for your guidance, you are spot on you describe how I feel emotionally and how it’s taking its toll on me. Home and family again you got this so right!! relationships again spot on. Thank you for pointing some things out to me that I hadn’t realised.

Suzanne, UK

I would highly recommend Helen’s 1:1 coaching. My session have been very fulfilling, enjoyable and rewarding. Helen is clearly passionate about her work and is a joy to work with. She clearly understands her clients and their needs.

Fiona, UK

Your guidance really did pinpoint what is occurring in my life right now. You were spot on about my relationship and the guidance you gave me about moving was very helpful. I was in two minds but after reading your guidance I am now clear on which path to take and feel confident in my decision, thank you.

Samantha, Melbourne

I found myself in a difficult place in my life, my personal circumstances had changed significantly. I was unhappy and steeped in negativity about myself and my circumstances. I judged myself harshly and allowed others to judge me negatively. Having worked with Helen for 6 wks that is no longer the case. I feel strong, I feel happy, I feel I have some way to go still but I am confident that I will get there. I would like to thank Helen, and her Spirit guides. I couldn’t recommend it enough.