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Many times in my work I come across women who are exhausted from the family load. Trying to ensure they are everything to everyone in their life.

Let me just be clear here I can do this too, this is not an I am better than you blog. A lot of what I see in women who come to see me is what I see in myself too. What I will say though is that over the years I have been working on my awareness.


Recognising these traits in myself and trying to cut myself some slack when I start to feel the chaos creeping in.


That’s what I hope for you too. I hope that by sharing these stories you can gain some insight into what may be happening in your own life. What you could possibly do to help yourself.


When we try to control what happens in our life when we insist no-one does it like we do, we put ourselves under an immense amount of pressure.


Your right maybe no-one can cook like you can but….. if you relinquish full control and accept some help for one day what’s the worst that can happen? Would the world stop turning, probably not?

Now, I understand that this suggestion may feel scary for some. It may feel too hard or too challenging but what I suggest is that you pick something that does feel acceptable and manageable and start there. So if allowing someone to care for your kids feels too scary, what about allowing someone to care for them when they are sleeping or what about asking someone who you do trust to help you out?

It’s your absolute right as a parent to do things your way. What works for some families doesn’t work for others and that’s completely OK.


But when your insistence to do everything yourself is causing you to feel unwell or unstable then that’s not helping.


In fact, that’s just going to cause chaos. In many cases, there is one parent who has a hold on things. Someone who co-ordinates and ensures everything ticks along. If that person becomes unable to function for whatever reason then the wheels start to fall off in a fairly big way. That can be hard to recover from.

So maybe it’s time to relinquish a little bit of control? Maybe it’s time to seek out your support? because doing everything on your own sucks.


Life isn’t meant to be a struggle, and it certainly isn’t meant to break you.


So if you are feeling like the chaos is coming in try to relinquish a little control and see how that feels. It may be just enough to save you from completely drowning in the sea of responsibility.

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Love and spirit sparkle

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