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I am writing this blog to share with you what I have learnt in my first year of being 40, it has certainly been an exciting journey.

For many turning 40 is a pivotal point in their life. A time when they really stop and analyse what they have done to date. A time when they plan what to do in the future.


For me, my life overhaul started in the lead up to my 40th birthday.


At 38 I started a new life with my family in Australia. Followed by me deciding I didn’t want to continue with my career. So all in all my 38th year was pretty significant. My 39th year was spent trying to work out exactly what was going to work for me in terms of life choices and career. I slowly started to make some dietary/lifestyle changes. I slowly started to work on what my business would look like, and how that would work around my family.

So by the time I hit 40 a lot of changes had already taken place for me. This is something I see in my clients too. It can often be in the lead up to turning 40 that you start to review and reflect. So my advice to you would be for you to be ready & prepared in those years leading up to your 40th year and those shortly after.


During this 40th year, I have spent time tweaking and testing changes I have made.


It can take a while for these changes to bed in. After all, in some cases, the changes can be pretty big. So don’t be afraid to tweak and change things that don’t quite feel right. Sometimes what we think we want is different to what we actually do want. It might take some –retesting and tweaking and that’s ok.

However, What I do know is that the fundamental changes were right. I did want to leave behind our military life and try living in Australia. I did want to work with Spirit rather than nursing. But it did take me a while to work out exactly what that all looked like. It took me a while to create those changes. It took me a while to adjust to life after those changes had been made. Like I said these changes were pretty huge so there is no wonder that it took a while for the dust to settle.  Now I do now feel the dust is settling but it certainly was an interesting year or two there.

Similar reviews often happen in your early 20’s and as you approach your 60’s, so be prepared for these periods too.


It certainly helps to be prepared and willing to listen to your hearts desires. Many people don’t understand these life changing points that occur in our lifetime. They are shocked or concerned when they occur. These are normal review periods, not life crises as people like to call them. They are periods in our lives when we will often stop and take stock. If we have drifted off our path and got lost then we bring ourselves back. It’s nothing to fear and it’s certainly not something to be ashamed of. It’s a normal part of this process we call life.

I hope this blog has given you some insight into life and how we have to stop and review it every now and again,

Goodbye for now,

Love & spirit sparkle,

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