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Everyone has a team of Spiritual supporters who are there to support us through out our whole life.


Today I am going to talk about the potential benefits of connecting with your spiritual team.

  1. Simplify your life

Connecting to our Spiritual team of helpers enables us to access help and support, that can clarify and simplify some of our life challenges. Sometimes we encounter problems in life and we have no idea what to do. We are all tangled up in the emotion and we spend endless hours, days, weeks trying to decide what to do, trying desperately to find a solution. A much easier thing to do is to connect with our spiritual supporters and ask them for their help, support and perspective. Their purpose is to help and support us. Often they can offer the most assuring and invaluable help and advice. So rather than chasing your tail looking for a solution, make asking your Spiritual supporters your first port of call.

  1. Less anxiety or worry

Having access to the help and support of your Spiritual helpers 24/7, often makes people feel re-assured and less anxious. Not only about their current situation, but also about what might happen in the future. We all know that worry and anxiety have a negative affect on our health and wellbeing. Affecting our immune system and the balance of our hormones and their regulation. Therefore, knowing you have access to free help and support, is often enough to reduce anxiety or worry which has a positive impact on your health.

  1. Better sleep

Reducing worry and anxiety also normally improves your ability to sleep. We all need good quality sleep. This is a time when we rest, regulate and process the days events. Without good quality sleep we become frustrated, irritated and unable to see any solutions. Therefore, connecting to your Spiritual supporters often helps many of us achieve better quality sleep.

  1. Relationships

We all need positive relationships in our life,they help us feel loved and valued. When we are worried or under pressure it is often reflected in our relationships with those closest to us. So when we reduce the levels of stress and worry we are feeling, this often results in better relationships with those around us.

  1. Decision making

Finally when we connect with our Spiritual supporters we are often able to make decisions much quicker and easier. Because we are listening and connecting with ourselves, we are truly listening to what feels right for us. When we do this it makes decision making easier. We are less likely to feel influenced by those around us, and we more often than not feel much more confident with our own decision making.


So if you would like to experience the benefits of connecting with your Spiritual supporters, then get in touch I would love to help you make that connection,

Love & gratitude,