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Life decisions come up all too often and can sometimes crop up unexpectedly. This is part of life and something we will experience throughout life. That’s what life is about.

So my blog today is about what to do when you come across a decision that needs to be made but you don’t know what decision to make.

So you are feeling all confused and undecided, you know you need to make a decision but you swing from decision to decision unable to make your mind up and stick with it. Your emotions are all tangled up with the situation and you just feel torn. This kind of situation can keep you feeling stuck, as you swing from choice to choice, emotion to emotion and all the while no decision is made and you are no nearer to finding a solution.

I am sure this sounds familiar, we have all found ourselves here at one time or another. After all life is seldom plain sailing. So if you find yourself in this situation here is what I would suggest that you do.

Be patient with yourself.

Sometimes it can take a while to consider the whole situation, the effects it will have on yourself and others too. This is something that can’t be rushed, and this is often the time we are weighing up options and thinking about what lies ahead. However, it is important to differentiate between considering and procrastinating. Procrastinating is putting off making any decision due to fear, so watch out for that!

Take time to connect to yourself and your inner thoughts and feelings.

This is the part that many people don’t do; therefore they end up stuck and unable to make a choice. Take time out to listen to your body, feelings and emotions. Often we know what feels right, what we truly desire, but we don’t connect in to gather that information. We remain in our logical or rational brain that is encouraging us to make the most logical choice. But sometimes we need to make a choice that doesn’t appear logical or rational, but its the right choice for us. This is why connecting to your inner-self and knowing is an essential part.

To make this connection I suggest you take time away from all the distractions and be alone, in a place where you are comfortable and quiet. Once there consider the situation and your options, and note how those options feel to you. It is important to be able to connect those feelings to our emotions. For example butterflies in your stomach feeling, could be excitement or fear. So consider the collective of feelings and the overall emotion. If you can’t make the connections, keep trying and see what comes through for you. By just creating the space and connection with our inner-selves, we can often discover lots of amazing things. Things we didn’t even know we knew or feelings we didn’t even know we felt.

So, the undistracted undisturbed time where you connect with yourself is essential in enabling you to make those all important life decisions.


Finally, once the decision is made, stick with it.

Keep making time to connect back with yourself to ensure everything feels as it should. Be aware of your ego, that logical practical part of your brain that tells you things won’t work, that tells you you are making life hard. This mind chatter is all part of the process and serves a purpose as a reminder to you to keep checking back in with yourself to ensure everything still feels at ease and comfortable.

If at any point you check in with yourself and those feelings have changed then stop the process and take time to go back and explore your options and how those feel with your inner-self. Occassionaly, we have to change track or move our direction slightly, but hey that’s life right?! We don’t always have all the answers or a clear picture or where we are going at the beginning. By checking back in with ourselves regularly we can make sure we still feel aligned to the change, that it still feels good.

So next time you have a big decision to make in your life why don’t you try this process out and see how you go. As someone who has made a few big life choices in my time this is how I made them, and it hasn’t failed me yet. So good luck and enjoy the ride, change is liberating and exciting as well as scary and fear provoking.

much love,