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Can I connect with spirit? Is a question I hear all too often.

connecting with spirit or being able to communicate with the other side, I just want to explore this concept a little more, because I feel there are some misconceptions about ability and connection.

Now as you know, I take the time out daily to connect with my Spiritual team. I ask them what I need to know and I ask for guidance for other people too. Being able to communicate with spirit in this way is a skill. This is something I have spent a lot of time developing and working on.


Yes, some people have a more natural skill than others but essentially we could all have that skill if we choose to learn it.


If we choose to commit to our practice and regardless of the outcome we turn up.

Now, what I am seeing is lots of people who want to learn this skill, but they want a quick fix. A quick way to learn this connection and to work with Spirit in this way. Unfortunately, this skill is like every other skill in the world.


There is no quick fix, there is no magic wand to wave that will ensure you have your connection and have it quick.


That’s not how it works for any skill, not just Spiritual connection. So if you are wanting to develop and connect with your spiritual supporters (because we all have them), then you need to commit, and by that, I mean consistently commit.

That doesn’t mean yes I am doing it, followed by a list of excuses. That means regardless of the results or outcome you continue to show up. We know that life occurs and that sometimes showing up is time-consuming and tricky, but if you don’t show up your skills won’t develop, it’s that simple.


So if you are feeling frustrated with your development then I advise you to look in one place and one place only. Your commitment.


The chances are if you’re commitment is sporadic then your development will be sporadic. If you feel your connection is inconsistent the chances are your commitment is inconsistent. It really is that simple. There is no need to complicate it any more than that.You need to take ownership and accept responsibility for the choices you make. Choose not to turn up consistently then you are choosing not to develop consistently.

This has been shared not to create feelings of guilt or shame as they don’t achieve anything. It has been shared to make you think. These principles apply to anything, be it sewing, knitting, learning a language, whatever skill it is you are trying to learn.


In order to learn and develop, you need to show up consistently.


We hope by sharing this some of you can take responsibility for decisions you are making, and apply these principles in your life.We all have the ability to learn we just need to show up. If you would like to connect with your Spirit I have a package that will help you here


Much love & spirit sparkle