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I get asked this quite a lot so I thought I would write a blog about it.

Now I can only speak for myself here as there are many wonderfully talented people out there who work with Spirit in their own way, and their experiences may very well be different from mine, but here is how I work with wonderful Spirit.

First and foremost I am in control of my connection.


This is something I open and close as and when I want to or need to. I run my life, not spirit or any other being from another dimension.

However, I do receive signs throughout the day that will be signs of support or reassurance. We all receive these signs but because I am attuned and aware I recognise these signs for what they are. On occasion I will receive a message/thought/feeling whilst I am going about my day to day life, this is often if it’s a message that can’t wait or if there is mental space for me to receive it, and by that I mean maybe I am out having a quiet walk or I am cooking quietly in the kitchen ( I love to cook).

When everyone’s at home and there’s lots going on I don’t often have the mental space to receive my messages or guidance from Spirit.


That’s why every day I create the time and the mental space to receive my guidance from Spirit. When I create this time Spirit & I sit down and have a two-way conversation about my life and my business. This is my time to ask them questions and my time to receive guidance. If I am asking for guidance for others this is when I do it.

I am telling you this because many people expect that I work the same way as a psychic, where you go and see them and they read for you as you sit before them.


Everyone works differently I don’t work in this way, as I need mental space and a clear connection to communicate. I find the presence of the person a distraction. That doesn’t mean that my work is less valid or accurate it is just received in a different way. I hope this helps people to understand how my communication with Spirit works and why I work the way I do


That’s all from me for now,

Goodbye, big love

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