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We all have days when we feel tired, sluggish and generally not in the mood, yet we still have things we need to do.

In order to get them done we need to shift our mindset , either that or we go through the motions begrudgingly.

Today I am going to share with you my top five favourite ways to mix up your mindset if you are feeling despondent and down.

1.Raise your vibration


The first one is to raise your vibration. Now if you don’t know how to do that see my previous blog post here, about how to do that. It’s amazing how making some small changes can really shift you out of a funk and into action. Try to be aware of what raises your vibration and make that your first port of call.


2. Change direction


Second is to change direction. When you are feeling resistance it is best to leave the thing that you are feeling resistance to and go and do something different. Sometimes that brief break away is enough to break the mindset and allow you to progress when you come back to task.


3. Take small steps


The third tip is to make small steps. Sometimes we become stuck due to fear. The task feels too big or it feels too overwhelming. By breaking it down we can sometimes make progress with whatever was making us feel stuck. Small steps equal big action.

4. Make a plan


The fourth tip is making a plan. Actually sitting down and getting what’s bothering you on to paper. This can be done by journaling, or by just brain dumping onto paper; whatever is your style. Sometimes by getting it from your brain (imagination) into the physical (on to paper) can be enough to facilitate progress.

5. Find your tribe


Finally, the fifth tip is to surround yourself with like-minded people who are travelling in the same direction as you are. By doing this you can actually access help and support from people who get it! From people who understand the challenges and the crossroads that you may come to , and they cheer you on and help keep you motivated in times of trouble. So if you don’t have a group of like-minded people or friends that support you , go and find some. Have a browse at Facebook groups, local networking groups,, there are lots of groups of people out there who meet for all sorts of different reasons. So go and find your tribe, and connect with them regularly. We all need help and support on our journey’s in life so find some people who you can relate to and who can relate to you too.


So next time you are feeling fed up and challenged. Take time to re-read this list and see if you can implement what’s on here to de-mystify your mindset.


Much love and Spirit sparkle,