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So many of us are actually very creative

but we have lost touch with our creative skills as we have grown up. As children, we are encouraged to undertake lots of creative activities. As we grow up we drop these skills in favour of going to work and earning a living.

Now we all need to earn a living so we are not knocking that. But we still have free time in which we could connect back in with our creative selves. But what we choose to do instead is watch TV or flick on our phones.

The two parts of the brain where creativity is stored are the two same areas that we access during meditation.


So when we meditate we use the same parts of the brain as we do when we draw or create things from scratch. Accessing this part of the brain is pivotal to our health and well-being, we need to tap into this part of the brain to help us relax. So if you find meditation tricky maybe you could try adult colouring, craft or sewing. You will be surprised once you start tapping into this area how easily it will be to meditate. That’s because you are using the nerve pathways to this area and

like everything else, the more we use it the easier it becomes.


I think this connection is truly amazing and I am taking steps towards connecting back in with my creativity. Over the years I have tried sewing, colouring and cooking as ways of being creative and when I spend time doing these things I am happy and content. When life gets busy these are the first activities to go as I tell myself “I just don’t have time” for these things. When actually what I should do when I am busy is spend more time doing these things to help me to stay calm and focused.


So if you haven’t participated in any art or craft recently why don’t you give it a try?


I am enrolled in an art class that starts in May. The last time I attended an art class was when I was at school, which is a few years ago now!

I will let you know how I get on.


Bye for now,


Much love & spirit Sparkle

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