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Today I am going to share with you my five favourite ways to raise your vibration.

When our vibration is low we can feel flat and lacking in love for our life. So when you feel like this here are five things you can try that will hopefully help lift your mood and turn your dull day in to a day full of fun.

No1 is listen to music

Music is a great for clearing and lifting your vibration. Our mood is instantly affected by the music we listen to. Music is often attached to emotion and by simply listening to our favourite music we can create emotions and feelings and these emotions can help us to feel happy and alive.

No2 is cleansing your environment

The environment we live in is saturated with energy from those people who live in that environment. Occasionally the energy can get stuck and stagnant, and this can create an environment that feels heavy and dampening to our spirit. So to counter-balance this we can clear the energy in our home. If you search on the internet under energy clearing there will be 101 ways to clear energy in the home. I like to keep things simple and manageable as I normally have a full and busy home. I regularly burn white sage or Palo Santo incense sticks or smudge sticks ( if using smudge sticks watch for smouldering pieces that can sometimes drop off). I go around the room I wish to clear setting the intention that the space be cleared of any negative energy and that his be replaced with warm loving energy. I gently fan the smoke from the incense or the smudge stick into the corners of the room and I allow the smoke and intention to clear the room. Occasionally, I will close the room off for a while to allow the energy to clear/ You can open the windows to allow fresh air and energy come in too.

No3 is clearing and de-cluttering

If we have lots of items in our home, this can cause energy to get stuck and build up. Therefore, if we take the time to clear and de-clutter we assist energy flow in our home. Many people hold on to things in order to secure memories or out of obligation. This is not necessary, memories are stored in our mind not in items. So we can clear out those sentimental items, our memories will still remain. We also sometimes hold on to things because they were given to us by someone significant. Once the gift has served its purpose it is OK to let it go. Maybe the gift’s purpose was to make you smile, and when you received that gift it did make you smile, in which case the gift has served its purpose. Clear out and create space for new opportunities and adventures to come in.

No4 is taking time to relax & recharge

Sometimes when we are feeling flat and functionless, we simply need to take a break. Maybe you have become over-whelmed or exhausted. In which case the best thing you can do is to take yourself away from what you need to do, and just relax (easier said than done I know if you have things to do). However, doing things with a heavy heart isn’t going to achieve much anyway. So even if its half an hour to sit down for a coffee or a nap, it will be time well spent if you then come back to the task refreshed and ready to go. Try to listen to your body’s direction, by pushing through and trying to keep going we are going against our natural flow of energy and you probably won’t achieve much.

No5 is do something you love

When we are all caught up in work and family life we often don’t spend much time doing things we enjoy. We put others before ourselves and we do things to please others. Whilst it’s great to experience new things, it is also a heart-warming experience doing something you love. This can be anything from window shopping, to socialising, to taking a bath, anything that you really enjoy and you know it will make you smile. Just taking the time to connect with those things that make you smile can be enough to change your day around.

So next time you are feeling fed up and unfulfilled try one of these five things and see how it feels. I would love to hear how you get on , so feel free to comment below.