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Fertility is more than physical is something I want to explore with you today. I am the first to say I am no fertility expert, although through my years as a family planning trained Nurse I do have a fair bit of knowledge and understanding in this field. One of my passions is women’s health.

I often find women come to me at a time when they are struggling with their fertility. Some are trying to conceive, others have previously miscarried and are scared by their previous pregnancy experiences. This can impact upon their ability to conceive again.

This leads me to talk about the power of the mind. For many of the women who make their way to me, their main issue is on a mental or emotional level, not a physical level like you might think.


For some women, they have old stories or mindset that are keeping them stuck.


That’s not to say there are no physical complications too because sometimes there are. However,  for many, their main obstacle is their mindset. So how do you change your mindset? Well, there are a few ways. For the women, I work with we tend to try a multi-pronged approach.


We use what I call spiritual healing. We call upon our spiritual friends and ask them to deliver any healing energy that is required to help and assist with the healing process. I then ask for any help or advice for that particular client. The advice varies. It’s different for each person because they all need something different. It’s impossible to pre-empt what they will say. Sometimes they will suggest a certain crystal to work with or they will give me some affirmations for the women to work with. It’s a completely holistic approach.


Often when these women come to me they have tried the medical route with little effect and they aren’t sure what to try next.


Let’s face it health care isn’t cheap here in Australia. The world of IVF carries a pretty hefty price tag. I am not suggesting that all issues can be overcome using this approach because sometimes medical intervention is required and there is no escaping that fact. However, what I will say is that many times it is our old stories and mindset that’s keeping us stuck. That’s worth exploring. I don’t offer magical cures and empty promises that’s not how I work. Integrity is of utmost importance to me. But what I will say is don’t rule it out as an option. Don’t disregard a different approach, especially if you suspect you may be standing in your own way.


If you are keeping yourself stuck you just need to clear the way and allow your blessings to come forth.


If you think this is for you then feel free to contact me or connect with me here. Want to book yourself in for one of my help and healing sessions you can do so here.


Wishing you much love and happiness,

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