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Here are my holiday hindsights, three things I came to realise as a result of unplugging and enjoying a change of scenery.

We took off for a few days over Easter and I wanted to share with you some of my thoughts that occurred as a result
of our break away.

No1: It’s easy to keep on keeping on

Even when you don’t feel well or 100%. As a Mum, you are expected to keep turning up. If you’ve got a pulse, you need
to be there being everything to everyone. I realised when I took my break, that even if I’m not feeling 100% I just
keep going, doing everything I’ve always done and that’s not healthy. In fact, it’s a one-way ticket to burn out. So
what have I learnt? To watch for the signs and take action.

Don’t just keep on going when the world around you is signalling for you to stop and
take a break.

A mental, physical, emotional break. Not one of those pretend breaks where you put yourself on the couch for half a
day then get back to it. It needs to be a “complete down tools” for a day or two. A complete shutdown and switch off,
including tech. That endless scrolling on social media drains your soul. You need to be social media free to ignite it

Social media’s constant chatter, comparisonitis and subconscious messaging drain your
body and soul.

So be sure to do a complete shutdown, not one of those pretend ones I’ve seen (I’m guilty too, that’s how I know
about them)


No2: Holidays/Breaks away is time to really connect with your family

Life’s too busy these days. My kids often have a busier social calendar than me.

So a break away forces us all to be in the same space at the same time and to be

There’s nothing like a family tent to bring us together! It encourages us to play games, talk, share ideas, plan our
next adventure together. These are all things that don’t occur too often at home because we are all too busy. So that
break really allows us all the time to re-connect. Admittedly, there can be a few crosswords too, especially with a
pre-teen, but that’s life, isn’t it? It’s not all a bed of roses.

No3: It doesn’t need to be five star

We often want the best for our families so we put off going on holiday due to cost. There is always something else to
spend your money on, but it’s one of those things that money can’t buy “togetherness”. So we need to remember the
value of family time, it’s priceless. So that may mean we spend money on a holiday and we have less for other things
but it will be money well spent. There are holidays/ breaks away for every budget so don’t buy into the “we can’t
afford it” mindset. I’m not suggesting you go into debt to take a break because that kind of counter-balances the
benefits, but sometimes we need to prioritise taking a break. It’s good for us all on many levels. So next time you
tell yourself you can’t afford a breakaway I challenge you to have a re-think. Is that something you have always told
yourself? Is that an old thought pattern at play? It might be worth challenging that thought.

So it doesn’t matter where you go or what you do, it’s the time away that is
invaluable to you all as a family.

This is where we went over Easter if you are looking for a family friendly camping adventure

Do you have any holiday hindsights? I would love to hear them. Taking time to reflect is so powerful.

I’m already dreaming of our next break away. Is it time for you to plan your trip or pack your bags?


Helen Owen Spiritual communicator, healer, creator