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For many people getting guidance from a spiritual source is a leap of faith

You go fingers crossed hoping you are going to be given some relevant helpful guidance.

Psychics, Mediums, mystics work in different ways so I can only speak for myself here but here are my top tips for getting the best from your guidance with me, (although I would guess some of what’s written here applies for others too)


It’s not a guessing game.


There is no need to ensure the psychic/medium/mystic knows nothing about you. Being open and sometimes being clear about what you want guidance on helps. Open up and allow them to connect to your energy that’s what it’s all about.


Know who you are going to see and what you are going for


What I give you is guidance or possibilities. Not a prediction of the future, after all, we all have our own free choice. Research and read carefully about the person you are going to see, or better still get a word of mouth referral. Follow your instinct and go with the person that “feels” right to you.


Remain in your power


There is no need for the “Will I….” questions because that means you asking them to make your decisions for you. Your life you make the decisions, and that’s the same where-ever you seek your guidance from. No-one can make those difficult decisions for you.


Don’t be dismissive


Be open to what you are told. Sometimes you can think “Nope I have no idea what you are talking about, I don’t recall that” then when you walk away and have some time the pieces all come together, and you realise what they were talking about. Sometimes we get it wrong but sometimes the message is subtle and won’t immediately make sense


You get what you need


Our Guides tell us what we need to know, not always what we want to know. It is not their purpose to reveal everything to us. There is divine timing or unfolding at play, something’s are best left unsaid. The aim is not to scare or frighten us. They want to help us.


I hope these pointers help you to find the help and support you are looking for. I know it’s a minefield out there with lots of different people that work in many different ways, but it’s like everything else. What resonates with one person won’t with another, so take your time, wait until you find someone you can connect with. You are then much more likely to get the guidance you are hoping for.

If you would like to know about the guidance I offer you can read about it here 

Much love from above,

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