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In this blog, I am sharing with you my top tips on how to manage mercury retrograde.

Three to four times a year we will experience mercury retrograde. For years they have been sold to us as a time to fear. I don’t find them that way so I thought I would write a blog about why I think you should embrace these times rather than fear them.

Mercury retrograde is a time when mercury the planet appears to be travelling backwards. It isn’t, it just appears that way. However, the effects of this time can feel very real and sometimes a little chaotic if we are unprepared.

So here’s what you can expect during mercury retrograde. Once you get your head around this you will realise there is nothing to fear at all.

The main areas that can be affected are:



Sleep & emotions




That may seem like a lot of different areas but it is often focused around one of two areas each time.

So what can you do to help yourself during this time?

Here are some of the things I suggest take from the list what you think will work for you.


△ Be mindful of the balance between work and play. Rest if emotions are running high and if sleep is hard to come by.

△ Allow more time for travel. Ensure bookings are made, check and double check all plans to try to avoid delays and setbacks.

△ Communicate clearly. Check-in is what you were communicating being heard correctly? This includes emails, spoken word, texts, social media posts. Clarity is key.

△ Be aware your tech may take on a mind of its own. It may be slow, suddenly break or become glitchy. I find switching it off, walking away and returning to it later is a great strategy for this.

△ Sometimes signing or forging contracts can’t be avoided in this time. So once again check and double-check the details. Go over everything with a fine tooth comb to avoid any comebacks later.


So as you can see it is not all that scary when you know what to expect.

Allowing extra time and energy to navigate these times helps to ease the frustrations.

It’s not the time to have a chocca schedule so bear that in mind when planning ahead.


What these mercury retrograde are perfect for are anything beginning with re. Redecorating, reorganising,revamping,revisiting,reconnecting,resting,reducing,redefining etc…..


So rather than wrestle the mercury retrograde energy choose a “re” activity instead. It makes life so much easier.


I would also recommend working with a turquoise crystal and a grounding essential oil such as Cedar.


Wishing you smooth sailing through the retrograde energy,