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I thought I would put together some inspiration for the New year. How you can embrace the energies, to clear out the old and invite in the new.

There are lots of different ideas and approaches so settle in and have a browse. With these things there is no right or wrong, it’s all about what resonates with you, what will work for you and your circumstances. You can pick one or consider them all it’s up to you.

Clear & de-clutter

After Christmas is the perfect time for a de-clutter and clear out. We often need to have a re-shuffle to make room for our gifts, so it makes sense to clear out some of our crap. Physically clearing out makes space to welcome in the new, which is something we all hope to do when the new year occurs. So if you feel inclined to have a good old clear out, recycle, reshuffle and re-organise, it’s the perfect way to welcome in a new year.


Cleanse or clear the energy in your home

Our homes or workspaces accumulate energy from those people who are in them. Christmas and a new year is often a time when we gather together and with these gatherings comes increased energy. Therefore cleansing the energy in your home is the perfect way to clear the way for new energies. For cleansing, you can use Paulo Santo sticks, white sage sticks, or essential oil sprays or diffusers to clear the energies. Energy tends to gather in the corners of rooms or around clutter, so be sure to focus your attention on those areas. Brushing/hoovering the floor heading towards the door also helps to clear the space. Set the intention that the energy is cleared and cleansed with positive loving energy filling the whole of your home or workspace. Close the doors once you have used your cleanser or open all the windows and allow the fresh air to blow through. Playing music that you love and fresh flowers also help to maintain a positive vibration in your home.

I have created a gorgeous clearing aura spray that can be used to cleanse and clear your energy or the energy in your home. You can find it here


Review the Year

Take some quiet time to reflect on your year. Acknowledge the wins, as well as the challenges, reflect upon what lessons you have learned this year. It’s easy to forget as we whiz through the year, what happened and how we dealt with situations as they occurred. Also consider those things that no longer serve you, as you have grown and expanded throughout the year. No-one finishes the year the same as they start it.


Pick a word, set an intention, create a dream board

Get clarity on what you want to achieve in the new year. It’s hard for the Universe to help you achieve what you want if you don’t actually know what you want. So be clear and concise. Don’t be afraid to dream big, but plan the small steps to prevent overwhelm. If you want to pick a word, set an intention or create a dream board that’s great. But this needs to be accompanied by thoughts on how you will achieve what you want, connecting into the feelings of having what you want, and some action.


Release what no longer serves you

Write it down, burn it, bury it, do a meditation for releasing what no longer serves you. This creates space and allows the new opportunities to come forward.


Include your family

If you have a family or partner discuss the year ahead with them. What would they like? What are your family goals? This helps you all to be working towards the same things.


Trust in you

Trust in your ability to navigate whatever comes your way, and your ability to create your own reality. Know the Universe has your back and that it will co-create with you. You are not alone.


Comfort Zone

Don’t be afraid to go beyond your comfort zone. What can you do next year that will allow you to experience new things? Could you do things differently? How can you change/mix things up to add some excitement and enjoyment to your life? Can you experience more joy? Life has a habit of becoming mundane, we stick to what we know, what we have always done, and we, therefore, experience the same. What could you do to make those mundane things more fun?


Release Control

Attempting to control every aspect of our lives is exhausting. One certainty in life is change, things are always changing evolving and try as we might we can’t avoid change. So rather than trying to control every aspect of your life accept there will be change. There will be challenges (because without these we don’t grow).


When things don’t go to plan

It happens, life throws us a curve ball, an unexpected spanner in the works. Don’t’ beat yourself up about it. Accept that that day/week/month or even year wasn’t your best and try again. Nothing significant is created overnight, most things require tenacity and perseverance.


Don’t feel that any preparation you do needs to be done before the strike of 12 on New Year’s Eve. The energies will be changing and filtering through, so go with your flow, these things take time.


Wishing you a wonderful new year in which your dreams become reality,


Love and spirit sparkle

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