Are you ready to work with the Universe rather than feel that it's against you?

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Do you feel lonely and alone? Do you feel stuck and you’re not sure how to break free? Are you not even sure what’s wrong but you know something is?

Then rest assured you are in the right place.

Life can be hard sometimes, in fact, it can be damn right too difficult. Sometimes you need a different approach to help set you free and if that’s what you are looking for you are in the right place.

Nothing you will find here is mainstream. What I offer is a different perspective. Something for you to try when you feel like you have exhausted all avenues, your last hope saloon.

I am a grounded everyday person who combines spiritual with practical. I blend the beautiful world of spirit with our everyday surroundings to you help you find your way on this journey we call life.

Many mainstream solutions are not fitting the bill, they are not producing the answers we are seeking, this is where I come in.

The spiritual realm has a whole heap of ideas, suggestions and most of all love they want to share with you. They want to make your life easier, they want to help you find the solutions to your problems, and the easiest way to do that is through people like me.

I have been recruited to help and show people the spiritual way. Don’t worry that doesn’t mean bizarre dress sense or a crazy cat lady. I am just like you a spiritual being trying to live a sometimes complex human life. I have found the easiest way to live life is with spiritual support. So that’s what I want to share with you.

I offer healings guidance and products that can help you in your everyday life. You aren’t required to change, you just need to be open to receive. You can take from what I offer whatever resonates with you, just the parts that resonate with you, nothing more nothing less.

So if you are open and ready to receive have a look around on here and see if there is anything that sings to your soul. If you have any questions contact me I would love to hear from you,

much love & wisdom

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  • My work is all about giving you practical spiritual skills and knowledge that you can use throughout your life, giving you the inner confidence and peace of mind to navigate whatever life brings your way.


  • Using a spiritual connection allows you to find clarity and direction quickly and easily, so you can take action and move forward in your life
  • My refined communication skills enable me to support you while you safely unravel your thoughts, feelings and emotions
  • I help you to create space in your life, enabling you to reconnect with yourself, to follow your own inner knowledge and guidance and to create a life you actually enjoy

Do you know who I am and what I do? just looking for something? then these would be the best places to look

Helen has the most wonderful way of giving guidance. I am quite spiritual myself and work with my own spirit guides but it is always lovely to have a friend to help out often and share notes with. I won a mini session with her last week and her reading was very in depth and very thorough even though it was a mini session. I also love reading her weekly guidance that she puts up on her Social Media posts every Monday and I have to say they are spot on. I highly recommend Helen and her service to anyone looking for a person coming from a space of positive vibrations.


Scruffy dog studio

Helen is fantastic. I would definitely recommend seeing her for spiritual guidance and healing. I felt so enlightened and positive after my appointment, it was really wonderful. Thank you Helen x


Crystal Butterfly

I’m subscribed to Helen’s monthly guidance and absolutely love receiving my message each month. I really look forward to seeing the email come into my inbox!!! It’s nice to have a little “helping hand” to keep you on the right track and remind you everything is going ok. Helen is always a pleasure to deal with – I look forward to trying out more of her services in the future! x


Kristy Morton Consultant

If you are looking for a guide to help you find the steps to move forward in your life or business I highly recommend Helen Owen. Her direct and honest approach is refreshing as she has a natural ability to talk directly to your soul and you know on the first instance what she is saying is true. You can’t ask for more than that. From my session with Helen I know which way I need to direct my focus and this has been the breakthrough I’ve been looking for. I recommend Helen without hesitation. Just book in and don’t look back.


Holistic Therapist, Silverdale Natural Therapies


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Are you ready to work with the Universe rather than feel that it's against you?

Sign up to receive spiritual hints and tips straight to your inbox & your free “Moons & cycles, your personal guide to working in Unison with the Universe”