Helen Owen

Spiritual Communicator, healer and creator

Are you ready to work with the Universe rather than feel that it’s against you?

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Warmest welcome, thank you for finding your way here. Whether you stumbled across this page or through a purposeful search. I believe you were meant to arrive here.

Helen Owen

My sole purpose is to offer you Spiritual support and I do that in a few different ways.

Spiritual communication – I channel messages directly from Spirit for you.

Healer – I blend reiki with spiritual healing and guidance to offer you some relief, relaxation and re-direction.

Creator – I love to co-create with spirit, together we make some amazing products to help you bring love to your home

Have a browse there are lots to see if you have any questions contact me



Helen has the most wonderful way of giving guidance. I am quite spiritual myself and work with my own spirit guides but it is always lovely to have a friend to help out often and share notes with. I won a mini session with her last week and her reading was very in depth and very thorough even though it was a mini session. I also love reading her weekly guidance that she puts up on her Social Media posts every Monday and I have to say they are spot on. I highly recommend Helen and her service to anyone looking for a person coming from a space of positive vibrations.

Andie, Scruffy dog studio

If you are looking for a guide to help you find the steps to move forward in your life or business I highly recommend Helen Owen. Her direct and honest approach is refreshing as she has a natural ability to talk directly to your soul and you know on the first instance what she is saying is true. You can’t ask for more than that. From my session with Helen I know which way I need to direct my focus and this has been the breakthrough I’ve been looking for. I recommend Helen without hesitation. Just book in and don’t look back.

Tracy, Holistic Therapist, Silverdale Natural Therapies

Helen is fantastic. I would definitely recommend seeing her for spiritual guidance and healing. I felt so enlightened and positive after my appointment, it was really wonderful. Thank you Helen.

Tanya, Crystal Butterfly

I’m subscribed to Helen’s monthly guidance and absolutely love receiving my message each month. I really look forward to seeing the email come into my inbox!!! It’s nice to have a little “helping hand” to keep you on the right track and remind you everything is going ok. Helen is always a pleasure to deal with – I look forward to trying out more of her services in the future!

Kristy, Kristy Morton Consultant


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