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OK, today I want to talk about our desire to be perfect, and how we are setting ourselves up to fail.

No-one is perfect. No-one despite all the air-brushed photos and filtered feeds of social media. We all face challenges and anyone who says they don’t isn’t being truthful. There is always ebb and flow, there are always times when life feels easier than others.On the whole no-ones life is a walk in the park. It’s not meant to be, we are here on Earth to learn and experience. We often learn most from the hardest lessons.


Don’t be fooled into thinking that everyone’s life is rosy and yours isn’t.


Everyone faces challenges and how we deal with those challenges is down to us as individuals.

I see so many women who feel like a failure in some way. Not good enough as a mum, wife, partner, daughter. Part of the reason we don’t feel like we are enough is that we are constantly surrounded by things to compare ourselves too. We live in such a media dominated world these days. It can be hard to get away from, magazines, tv, internet, social media. We are bombarded with images of how we should look, how we should behave, who we should be. We are slowly losing our individuality.


Our self-worth and self-esteem are being eroded by the continual comparison of ourselves to others.


I am heartbroken to hear young women filling their faces with chemicals. Starting young to prevent the signs of aging. Is this for real?! We are human it’s a process,we are supposed to age. With age comes maturity and wisdom and I completely embrace that.


What’s so wrong with being older?


As I have grown older I am more confident about being me. I wholeheartedly appreciate and accept life for what it is. These are traits I didn’t have or always appreciate in my younger years. I give thanks for my life experiences and all that they have taught me. If that means I have some grey hair and wrinkles too then who cares!!!

Some days, I am health-conscious, eating healthy foods, exercising and feeling good about myself. Other days I eat crap, barely move and feel like a sloth!. But hey I am trying my best on this journey we call life.


Some days my best is better than others and I am OK with that, I would like you to be too.


On the days when I don’t feel like I have done a particularly great job of caring for me or my family I acknowledge I am human, put myself to bed (because I am always better when I have slept) and I get up and try again the next day.


I don’t always get it right, and neither will you, we’re not always meant to get it right.


How can we learn if life’s a breeze and we never face challenges?. If we don’t learn the first time the lesson will be back to give us another try.

Next time you are feeling like a failure like you are the crappiest wife, partner, mum and daughter remember life’s not perfect. It’s not meant to be and neither are you. Take what you can from the situation, be kind (not cruel) to yourself and get up and try again the next day.

Life is a collage of all our thoughts, expressions and feelings. Make yours one where accept your imperfect self and love yourself anyway. We have what we’ve got in terms of looks and personality embrace the good bits and refine the less desirable bits.


Most importantly love and accept the whole of you.


That’s all for now if you would like to talk more about this then you can get in touch via email, or Facebook message me via my page,


Much love & spirit sparkle,


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