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My blog today is about pursuing your passion! So many people I encounter are working in jobs that don’t really make their heart sing. They are working in jobs that they think they need to stay in to pay the bills.

Well, here is something for you to consider, if you only had one year left to live would you want to be stuck in a job that wasn’t fulfilling? I am guessing your answer is no! Well, then why do you think you should stay in that job now? One key component to being happy in life is spending more time doing what you love or enjoy, and spending less time doing those things that don’t make you happy or fill you with joy. so with this in mind why would you spend 8-9 hours a day doing something you don’t enjoy It seems crazy to me and it is something  I have recently changed in my own life.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a decision that was made lightly or with little regard for my future or my family’s future. No, this decision is something I have been battling with for many years, and I have now finally surrendered to the idea that I don’t have to work in a job that doesn’t make me happy. Wow! what a revelation! This decision has changed the whole way in which my family works. It has been a time of change for us all.

I used to work part-time and the children were in school or childcare. This situation worked OK, but it wasn’t making any of us particularly happy. I was constantly chasing my tail, trying to be at work on time, pick up the kids on time, and just generally exhausted. The kids were OK in childcare but there were often times when they were unwell, school holidays ext… and we would have to source alternatives to childcare.


All in all it was way too stressful.


Moving to Australia gave me the opportunity to reflect and take stock of where we were at as a family, and what we wanted to create in our life in Australia. That is when I made a sincere promise to myself and my family that I wasn’t going to take just any job. I wasn’t willing to put the children in endless hours of childcare, being cared for by people who didn’t always have their best interests at heart. This was us making a new life and we were going to make some different choices this time around.


So I decided it was time for me to pursue my passion and work more with Holistic and Spiritual concepts. This is where my heart lies and this is something I had always done outside of my day to day job. So, now it was the time for this to be my focus and my future.

To many of my friends and family this may seem like the most illogical choice. Why would I decline a nursing job in favour of the stress of setting up my own Holistic/Spiritual business? The answer to this is simple, because I now want to  pursue my passion. I want to spend my days working with and exploring things that really fill me with joy and make me feel happy. I no longer want to be stuck in a job where I feel unable to offer the care and advice I want to give because of my professional constraints.


I want to be able to help and support people in a way that I believe will ensure them the best in health and wellbeing.


That is not to say that I don’t think medicine has its place, because in some cases I think it does, but I prefer to provide clients with help and support that encompasses their whole health; mental, emotional and physical.


So my question to you is; Do you love your job? does going to work everyday feel like a joy or a chore?


If it feels like a chore then what could you do that would bring more balance in to your life? This journey we call life is too short to be spending our days doing something we don’t enjoy!

with love & gratitude,