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Should you hustle or honour? There is some much media hyper about the hustle. Do we need to be hustling our way through life? I think not, and here’s why

It’s something that we see used today when people talk about life or business how we need to hustle to achieve our desires.

This is something that doesn’t sit well with me and here’s why.


I feel no amount of pushing or shoving will create what we are after. There is so much more at play than that, and I say this because I see it frequently.


When you want to create something in life it’s really important that you align yourself with the outcome. So acknowledge how it would feel to have that thing, imagine your joy at receiving it. Also look at the practical aspects of achieving it ie: what do you need to do to get it.


Now I am all for taking action


you can’t just expect the Universe to deliver all its blessings to you without playing a part, no that isn’t how it works. But I do also think we have to acknowledge the other parts of the process.

Connecting into how it feels to have something is the most powerful element for attracting that thing in. Also how it would feel to actually have that thing is also super powerful. In terms of the law of attraction connecting into the feeling is where it’s at. That is the most powerful way to attract what you want. If you can’t feel it, you can’t attract it. That’s when you need to do some work on creating those feelings eg: trying on those expensive shoes you so desperately want, going to view that amazing show home you would love to own. These are really simple ways of connecting with those feelings.

So when you see something that talks about hustle and how that is necessary to create the life you desire I urge you to think again.

Why not try honour?

 Honour the process, honour your feelings and honour the Universe and allow it to bring to you what you truly deserve.


Don’t get caught up in the “how”. Don’t worry about how things will be achieved that isn’t your job. Your job is to get really clear on what you want. Align yourself with it (connect in with those feelings) and believe that it will be brought to you, no hustle required. That way you can feel less alone and like you have to work so hard to achieve every little thing in life. Contrary to popular belief life isn’t meant to be hard, and it’s certainly not meant to be a struggle.This can feel like a strange concept when most of us have been told we need to “Work hard” in order to get anywhere in life.

However, this is not a one-way process. You need to take action and you need to make sure you are crystal clear about what it is you actually want. That way you are working with the Universe rather than against it.

We hope this has gone some way towards explaining the hustle versus honour concept. Honour the process and life will bring you an abundance of blessings,


Much love & spirit sparkle,

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