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Are you interested in spirituality but you are not sure where to start?

Do you read some of the stuff that’s out there and think, ”What is that all about?”

I hear you, I have been there too. For years I wanted to develop and expand my spiritual self, but had the preconceived idea that in order to do that I had to meditate for hours every day. I have three small children, I just couldn’t commit to that.


Consequently I would do nothing!


I just couldn’t give hours of my day to these spiritual practices, as much as I loved the sound of them. I just couldn’t create the time. Now, some would say that there was a lack of commitment and therefore I wasn’t ready to make that commitment. What I would say is I had a pre-conceived idea and the pre-conceived idea was wrong! Maybe your’s is too?

It was only when I started to work with my Spiritual teacher that I realised I could do this. I could introduce these spiritual practices in to my life, because it doesn’t need to be complicated and life consuming.


I just needed half an hour a day, surely I could manage that?


And I did. That is where it all started for me. That is how I introduced daily meditation in to my life. I realised I didn’t have to spend hours each day. I just needed half an hour each day, how easy was that?

So now I do meditate each day. Some days it’s for longer some days its for less, but I can always find half an hour in my day to dedicate to my practise. By doing this my life has changed dramatically, and I feel so much more re-assured.

I also am able to do the full moon and new moon rituals. I can do self-healing and all the other things I want to do, because I now know it doesn’t need to be a long drawn out affair.


I can keep it simple, yet the effects are still the same, still powerful.


Spirituality doesn’t have to be complex or elaborate. It can be simple, that’s OK. It is not less spiritual if it simple. It’s all equal, it’s all the same, no less. So if you want to try meditation or new moon intentions, then give it a try. Keep it simple and work around everything else you have to do in your life. There are no hard and fast rules in Spirituality. Showing up and giving it a try is all you need to do. Follow what you are drawn or guided to and go from there.

Don’t buy in to Spiritual snobbery. Fancy crystals and collections are great, but you don’t feel you have to have these things to take part, because you don’t.

Spirit would love to connect with you, to help and support you. Why don’t you give it a try?

Love & gratitude,