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Hi everyone, I wanted to speak to you today about how spirituality is just as individual as you are

How there is a magnitude of different aspects and opportunities within spirituality, and that it’s completely ok to resonate with some things and not with others.

It’s not one-size fits all area. I urge you to follow your instincts and go with what feels right for you. We are all so different it makes sense that what interests you might not interest me, and that’s fine.


There is also no spiritual hierarchy (despite what some might have you believe) so it’s a case of anything goes.


You know you best and it’s absolutely ok to explore & experiment with spirituality. It’s also often ever expanding and evolving. So what interests you at the start of your spiritual journey may not be what interests you a few years in, that’s OK too.


I believe we are all drawn to and want to experience what we need at the time.


For some people, they start their journey in a very different place to where they end up. Along the way they may have experienced lots of weird and wonderful things, that’s all part of the journey. It’s like everything in life, how do you know what you do and don’t like without trying a few things out. It’s also OK to mix and match, take pieces from different fields and mix them together into something unique, that works for you.


So many people feel they don’t completely fit in one field or another and that’s completely OK.


Rather than giving up and walking away we encourage you to work with whatever resonates with you. Try things out and see what feels right. It could be something as simple as yoga or it could be something as complex as shamanism. Follow your interests and see where the journey takes you. Maybe something feels ok for a while and then you will be drawn to trying something new. Like life we are constantly changing, so just do what you feel guided to.


My journey started with an interest in clairvoyance when I was a child, aromatherapy when I was a teen, yoga in my early 20’s, Reiki in my late twenties, and crystals and spirit guides more recently. Some elements have stayed with me others have come and gone. All aspects have taught me something and have brought me great joy. Nothing has been lost on my spiritual journey, and I know there is lots more for me to enjoy & experience.


So if you are interested I urge you to give it a try. Explore the aspects that interest you and follow your heart.


Much love & spirit sparkle

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