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If you are anything like me the juggle of family and work can be tricky, especially during the school holidays when all routine and arrangements seem to go out of the window.

For me, the greatest lesson that comes at these times is to surrender. To accept that all those things I want to do may not get done.

I won’t be sitting at my desk working for hours on end because I have three beautiful children at home who need my time and attention. This is always a time of adjustment for me when I have to breathe and take a step back. I have to release a little and allow things to flow. Trust that what needs to be done will be done and everything else has to wait. I use these times as an opportunity to take a break from my usual routine. A time of space and reflection (well as much reflection as you can with three people to entertain).

Reframing in this way somehow makes it easier to accept these times when I am not charging full steam ahead. There are times when my time and attention are needed elsewhere and that’s ok.


Put down your to-do list and focus on those things that need your time and attention right now.


Those to do lists and great strides forward can wait for a more suitable time. Because I find if I don’t surrender and reframe in this way I become super resentful and frustrated. Constantly trying to juggle the needs of everyone and not meeting anyone’s needs particularly well. I have to remind myself it’s OK to let the routine slide, it’s OK not to be working as hard as normal, it’s OK not to be supermum every day. It’s absolutely OK to put family first and allow them to be my priority. When I get to this point of acceptance I relax a little, I go easier on myself, I become a better mum because I am not juggling and dividing my attention.


When I can, I take pockets of time to keep moving forward and chipping away at my dreams.


But when there is no space in the schedule I accept it will all still be there waiting for me when I am ready. When I can devout my heart and soul to it. Surely it’s better to be giving my heart and soul to something rather than half-hearted attempts.

So if you are like me trying to create your dreams whilst being the best mum you can be I suggest you surrender in the school breaks. Use the time to retreat a little and reflect on what you are trying to achieve. When you are up close with your projects or dreams it can be hard to see the bigger picture. So take a step back and use the opportunity to take a bird’s eye view. You never know what you might discover and how that will immeasurably help you to move forward.


Much love from my heart to yours,

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