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I am writing this blog after my amazing Christmas break, during which I discovered the power of doing nothing.

A time when my sole intention was to do only what absolutely needed doing nothing more. What an immense pleasure it was.

So much of my life is taken up with doing. Dashing here dashing there, organising, sorting, being everything to everyone and my soul was aching for a break. The build-up to Christmas was big. I had endless lists, jobs, gifts to buy, things to do, it seemed to blend into one.


I could feel myself tiring, irritable and at times a little irrational.


Although I was trying hard to keep my cool and remain compassionate. The past few years have been big, life challenge, after life challenge on top of each other. It felt like my mind and body were about to break. So my plan was a bloody great big break, from everything and anything. I just needed to be clear of my lists and endless doing. I needed to give my mind and body a break.


I gave myself permission to do nothing.


No shopping, no food making/meal planning, no socialising, no social media, no work, completely no agenda. I just followed my heart, I did what I wanted when I wanted. I relaxed my rules with the kids, allowed them to “be” a little too. I felt like we had all been running on a great big schedule and it was tiring.

We have all benefited from a more relaxed way of living. We have played board games, had fun, met with friends, but all on our own terms. Listening to our bodies, taking a break when we needed it. I won’t lie there has been the odd moment of “I should be…” but I consciously tried to dismiss those thoughts, replacing them with “nothing is spoiling” “there is no pressure” “you can do what you like”. It has been so restorative. I am feeling refreshed and I am slowly making my way back into the working world.


But we are already making plans for more holidays and breaks in 2019.


We have sat down together and looked at the calendar, highlighted days/times when a holiday or a break would be good. This is a first in our house. Normally we start the year planning everything that needs to be done. Not this year, holiday and play first everything else second.


I know I need to stress less. One way of ensuring that happens is to factor in some breaks either away or with planned things to do.


Otherwise, we go headlong into the year and get all wrapped up in what we need to do. So we are starting as we mean to go on. No more getting to burn out before we think about taking a break. We are planning the breaks and then looking at what needs to be done around that. No more making breaks and family time our last priority.

2019 is our year of family time and fun. What are your family plans for 2019?

Love & new year wishes