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In this blog I want to share with you tools to shift negative thinking. 

For when you get on the train of negative thinking and you can’t get off. When one crappy thought after another keeps coming and before you know it nothing is going your way. Well here are my tools to shift negative thinking I have shared them below:


1.Sing/play music


Playing your favourite tunes and even better singing along is a really great way to raise your vibration. Taking you away from that low vibration energy that comes with negative thinking.




It might sound cliché but being thankful for the things that are good and going well. Focusing your attention there is much more helpful than focusing on all those things that appear to be wrong (notice the word appear here)


3.Cleansing and clearing


An old favourite when it comes to shifting energy. If you area negative nelly. Shift things around at home or at work. Get out your oils or your smudge stick and give the energy a good old clear. Set the intention that all the negative energy is cleared and replaced with clear sparkly energy. Not sure how to cleanse/smudge your environment you can read about it here. Looking for something to help you clear the energy? I have this here that is created with love and pure intention




Exercise is awesome, not only for the physical but also the mental and emotional. Movement really helps shift energy within the body. So if you are feeling in a funk moving will really help you to shift it. Notice the word movement, it’s really important to do movement you enjoy. Enforced movement aka forced exercise isn’t good for the soul. It needs to be fun to be effective. So whether its dance, yoga, walking, whatever you just need to get moving to help shift that funky energy.


5.Nourish your soul


Do things you enjoy doing, bring a little joy into your life. All too often we get stuck in the drudgery of every day life, chores, motherhood, work, responsibilities. A great way to shake some of that off is to factor in some fun.Do something you enjoy, get together with friends, treat yourself to a coffee, whatever it is that makes you feel good not a martyr.




Simple structured sentences that help re-programme some of those existing negative programmes. Best said in front of a mirror morning and night. Affirmations can really help you to clear those not so helpful scripts that play out in our minds. I post affirmations every week on my facebook page here


7.EFT tapping


Otherwise known as emotional freedom technique or tapping this is a practice that again helps to reprogramme some of our negative thinking.I like to use Brad Yates on You tube he has tapping sequences for every feeling/emotion/situation. You can check him out here

So as you can see there are lots of tools out there to help you. You don’t need to feel stuck on that negative train of emotion any longer. If you need any help with any of these strategies get in touch I would love to help you,



Helen Owen Spiritual communicator, healer, creator