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Ok, so what if I told you that there is a whole part of you that goes completely unheard. What would you think?

The reason I say this is because in many cases this is true. What I am talking about is your spiritual self, that part of you that knows there is more to life than the physical. That part of you that knows all you need to know.

Now, this may sound strange so please let me explain some more.

You will have experienced those times when something happens and you knew it was going to happen. Those times when you talk about something and then you think “how did I know that?”, that all comes from your spiritual self. This is the part of us that is ready and willing to help you if you would just tap into it, and allow it to.


There lies a lot of knowledge, reassurance, ideas, and concepts that you have no idea are there.


It is only when you connect to this part of yourself that you can access all this wealth of information and knowledge.

Now for some people, this may sound scary or even beyond comprehension, but you don’t need to understand it and you certainly don’t need to fear it, but what you do need to know is that when you connect to this part of yourself you will experience life in a much different way. By this I mean you will have access to help and guidance you never knew was available to you. You will be able to conceptualise and create things you never knew were possible and you will feel more at ease and at peace in this journey we call life

How do you access this part of yourself?


You start to work on connecting and developing this connection. We all have the ability to make this connection but over time we have been encouraged to close it down. So I encourage you to reconnect with this part of yourself. You can do this in many simple and easy ways. Here are just a few:

> Create space to connect in with yourself each day

> Explore spirituality and see what aspects you are drawn to. There are so many choices out there, choose what feels right for you.

> Listen and act upon guidance you receive. So if you feel something is or isn’t right for you go with it. Have the courage to make choices based on your true feelings rather than logic.

As you can see these are things you could do easily within your day to day life. There is no need for elaborate fanciful activities, just keep it simple and see what works for you.

Thank you for reading, I have much more to share with you, goodbye for now,

Love & spirit sparkle,

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