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Today I wanted to share with you why Mandalas are magic. You will have noticed some gorgeous mandalas appearing as part of my work, and I wanted to share with you what I have found from working with mandalas.

Mandalas have been around for centuries and have been created by many different cultures and religions for many different reasons. I love them so I wanted to have a go at creating one. I was actually going to go on a course to learn how to draw them but I couldn’t go so I taught myself with the help of good old YouTube.

So I have been drawing them a while, completely self-taught and I find it super relaxing. Although they look complicated they are actually really easy to draw, once you have the basics the world’s your oyster. You can make them as complex or as simple as you like. They are all created from the same start point, that’s what I love about them.


You don’t need to be creative or arty you just need the basic template and you are away. It really is that easy.


Lots of people tell me they struggle with meditation. It’s too hard, they can’t do it, it’s too time-consuming the list goes on. Well, drawing mandalas is another perfect way of calming your mind and allowing you to connect into your own inner guidance. I always say to people who can’t or won’t meditate, find something you can do that will help calm your mind and allow your inner guidance to come through. For different people, it’s different things. Maybe it’s walking, drawing, knitting, singing who knows.


What’s important is that you find your skill and work with it. You do it regularly to allow your mind and your nervous system to relax, that’s the aim of the game.


So if you don’t think meditation is for you, try something else. Explore new skills, hobbies, activities until you find something that can take you to a calm space. Because you need to go there, often. In the ever-increasing business of this world, we all need to have access to our calm space. We need to be able to switch off and wind down, without being stimulated by television and IT.

We have unlearnt this skill over a relatively short period of time. Most of our grandparents had this down pat. They would be cooking, sewing, knitting, reading in the evenings as opposed to watching TV.


It’s these skills we need to relearn in order to save our souls.


That’s not to say there isn’t a place for IT and TV because there is it’s our future, we will be hard pushed to escape it in some way shape or form. But our time needs to be much more balanced for the sake of our all round health.

If you would like to learn how to draw a mandala I will be sharing that soon, so watch out for that. Over the coming weeks, some of my mandala creations will be appearing in my shop, you can check them out here.

Love from above,


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