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In this blog today I am asking why wait for a crisis in your life before you seek help? In my line of work, I often see people at the point of crisis. 

They have tried all avenues, life has given them a great big knock and they are struggling to get back up and get going. In desperation and exhaustion, they come to me to call in spirit because they have nowhere else to go.

Now, I know life is busy, you are just trying to keep your head above water, you haven’t got time for all that hairy fairy crap. But let me tell you when life deals you a sh*t hand I bet you a billion dollars you will be down and out looking for a helping hand.


I have heard so many stories of people talking to spirit/god/heaven/deceased loved ones whatever you want to call it when their backs are against the wall.


Sitting by a loved one when they are dying, when the people you love are in trouble or when you have just plain run out of options, we will finally call on our spiritual friends because we think “Hey what have we got to lose?” Maybe someone up there can help me/us?”


It’s often our final port of call because we don’t know what else to do.


But what if you tried it before you hit a crisis, what if you called in your spiritual support help every day? What help could that be?

Their help is in infinite supply. Their help can help you any day at any time. So there is never a time when they are too busy or too pre-occupied with other things like our earth friends are. They listen without judgement and their sole aim is to help and support you. Sounds pretty special hey?


I am always surprised by the number of people who don’t use this free help and support in their every day lives.


You may have heard of angels/guides help with car parking spaces, well they can help you with so much more than that. Anything and everything.

How do you engage them? You just need to ask. All too often we forget to ask because we are so absorbed or tangled up in the problem, But if you are feeling challenged by life now or in the future call in your spiritual team and ask them to help you. Then you need to trust that help will appear. Now, this can be a tricky one because help doesn’t always appear as we expect so we need to be open to receiving help in many ways. From the sublime to the ridiculous. It may not appear as help but situations will miraculously resolve or you will be guided in the right direction.


So my plea to you is this: “please don’t wait for a crisis to call in your spiritual team”


Allow them to help and support you through your life. Give yourself a break, use all the tools that are available to you to help you glide through life with ease. Life can be so tricky when you choose to go it alone.

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All our love

Helen Owen Spiritual communicator, healer, creator & Spirit