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When I get stuck and a little confused in life I sit down to write. I grab some pen and paper to try and work out what’s keeping me stuck

I understand this may sound a bit crazy but hear me out.

So often we chew things around in our head going over and over situations, what was said, how we are stuck or struggling to find a solution. All this constant whizzing around in our head goes on and often doesn’t lead us to a solution because we are in overdrive churning over the stories.


What we need to do is get it all out and free up space for the solution.


Now you can do this in any way that feels right for you. For me, it’s definitely the good old paper and pen. I am such a stationery lover, I get great pleasure from nice journals, paper or pens.Have a look at one of my favourites here So sitting down with them and allowing my ideas and thoughts to flow feels great. For some people, they felt that way about typing or talking so choose the medium that works for you.


Then it’s just about letting it flow.


Focus on the situation or circumstances and allow everything out. Don’t think or consider your responses just get every last word down on the page. Don’t pause to read or digest what you have written, just do it. Keep writing/typing/talking until you have nothing left. Push yourself with this one, because it’s easy to stop at the first stumble of words and say “oh, I am done”. When actually there is much more still to come. So keep going and going until when you ask yourself “Am I done?” you truly are.

Then have a read and see what it says. You may well be surprised by what you have written. This process is kind of subconscious writing, just writing the words without thinking about them and when we do this we can sometimes unveil things we hadn’t realised were contributing to our situation.


It may take some practice and patience because for years we have been taught to write in a conscious way.


Considering our words and what we are writing. So stick with it try to just allow the words to flow as they come up, write them down. Try not to attract any specific thoughts or emotions to the words. This is often when we discover some of our most powerful truths. It helps us understand ourselves more and it allows us to create space and find solutions, sometimes to situations or circumstances that may have been occurring frequently in our life.

So maybe you can try something new. Maybe you can dust off your favourite journal and allow yourself some time to express yourself in writing.

You may be surprised by the power of the pen,


Much love & spirit sparkle

Helen Owen signature