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In this blog, I am going to share with you why you should follow the moon cycle. Energies are all around us, everything is energy. When we decide to embrace these energies and work with them life can be a whole lot easier.

When the full moon is shining or the new moon is dawning why not have a go at working with these energies?

Often at these times, we can feel unsettled or anxious. We can feel uptight or irritated. When we realise the moon is at play we know there are things we can do to help ourselves navigate that energy. It can help us to accept what’s going on around us. It can help us to extend our hand in compassion and understanding rather than getting irritated and annoyed.


The moon energies are well documented for affecting not only humans but animals and the Earth around us.

This is not a new concept this is something that has been talked about and studied for centuries.


It’s just another way of making life simpler and helping yourself to navigate this thing we call life. Who doesn’t want an easier life I know I do. So why not watch out for the moon and see how you can be affected by the phases of the moon?


It’s pretty simple and straightforward you don’t need anything special other than awareness of what the moon is up to.


Each moon cycle is 28-29 days in length so there is normally a full moon and a new moon each month.

The full moon is when you can see the whole (full circle) moon in the sky. Leading up to a full moon you may feel irritated and annoyed. The easiest way to counterbalance this is to ground in nature, eat food grown in the ground eg: root vegetables, drink plenty of water and relax when you can. It only lasts a few days and some moons can feel more profound than others.


The full moon is the perfect time to release things that no longer no serve you. Making way for new vibrant possibilities in your life.


So around this time, it can beneficial to sit down and list those things (people, situations) that you wish to release. If you want to know more about working with the full moon energy I can help you here

The other time when the moon is at play is the new moon. This phase is when the new moon cycle begins.


This is the perfect time to write down what you wish to invite into your life in this new moon cycle.


It can be things large or small. Sometimes you will have things you are working on for more than one moon cycle. It can take a while to attract some things into your life. During this time it’s great to start new projects or new beginnings. It signifies the start of the new, planting seeds and allowing them to flourish. Working with the moon energies amplifies and adds energy to your plans. So if you have something you would really like some assistance with be sure to have it on your list. If working with the new moon energy sounds exciting to you I have a new moon package that can help you here


Even if you decide not to work with the moon energies it’s always informative to see what affects this seemingly simple moon has on you and your life.


Here is the link for you to see what the moon cycle is where you are


Why not follow it and see?

Sending you much love from above,


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