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Why you should have crystals in your home, might seem like a strange statement. Let me explain more below.

I have been itching to write this blog because over the years I have become a crystal lover and I can’t wait to share this passion of mine with you.

For centuries crystals have been used due to their ability to heal and affect energy. This is not new knowledge. This is old sacred information that has been doing the rounds for centuries.

Crystals are immensely powerful. Having crystals placed around your home can really help to promote health and happiness. I have co-created with spirit to make some crystal products that make having crystals in your home easy and practical.


All these items have been created to enhance the energy of your home and your family.


All too often I hear of people buying and using crystals but they put them away in a drawer somewhere tucked away from prying eyes and fingers. Those beauties should be out on display for all to see and admire. They are a great conversation starter or art piece.

I have been drawn to work with crystals to help and encourage people to work with them. What’s the point in having crystals if you don’t use them for what they were intended? These beautiful beings want to share their energy with you. It’s hard for them to do that if they are stuffed in your sock drawer.

Why not dig them out and dust them off, or better still if you don’t own any go and treat yourself.


Having crystals in your home can be a game changer.


It can really help you to change the energy and environment in which you live. It’s pretty amazing really.

So where to start? I always suggest starting simple. Go and have a browse see which crystals catch your eye and have a read about the properties of the crystal. When you are ready, bring them home and allow them to work their magic. You won’t necessarily feel the difference straight away but you will over time.


Their energies can be subtle yet substantial.


Once you have your crystals you will need to take care of them, much like a household plant, they need some TLC. Don’t just leave them in a corner and forget about them. Find them a nice home where you think they will be happy. Talk to them and ask them to help you to create the home you deserve. Keep them clean (free from dust ) and charged (using the full moonlight).

If you want to know more I can help, just drop me an email Why don’t you give them a try? Buy yourself one or two and see how you go. You will be surprised at how magical and mesmerising they can be.

You can find my crystal products here at

Much love from above,


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