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There are lots of wonderful ways to work with me as you can see below. There are different products at different prices which hopefully means there is something here for you

My Book

This book is my baby, a lot of hard work and energy went in to creating this book. This book is for all those who are becoming parents or those who are already parents. It explores the highs and lows of the parenting journey and it offers you some spiritual help and support to use along the way.

From $23 including postage

Spiritual Guidance - Helen Owen


My guidance is from direct communication with Spirit Guides. It’s not guff and fluff made up from what I think you are looking for, this is the real deal. What I get you receive, it’s that simple. As the channel between Spirit and yourself, I come from a place of complete integrity. It’s not my place to filter or amend your message in any way.

Please note this is Guidance. If you are looking for a connection with deceased family, psychic readings or future predictions you are in the wrong place. There are lots of wonderful people out there who do that.

Spirit Guides want to help and support you on your life journey. They share with you what you need to know, and they do it from a place of love, not fear. You remain in charge of your life and continue to make your own choices.

From $29

Spiritual Guidance - Helen Owen

Help & Healing

These sessions are a unique blend of magical and practical. Helen combines her powerful healings with her spiritual connection, which results in some very profound shifts in energy and experience. These sessions will help you to balance your mental, physical and emotional self, and will leave you with a renewed perspective on those troubles that were holding you back. Each session is a unique blend as Helen will bring through the healing and information from spirit that will help you to heal. Therefore, it’s important to be open and receptive to the sessions, and to the advice, you will be given. These sessions are beautiful big life changers so be prepared for change,

Sessions last approximately 90 mins

$129 per session


Healing only sessions are a blend of reiki and spiritual energy. There may be a brief comment or two from Spirit but not to the same extent as the help and healing sessions.

These sessions are great for balancing your energy and helping you to achieve optimum wellness, rather than helping you if you feel stagnant and stuck.

Sessions last approximately 60 mins

$79 per session

If you are undecided what to choose Helen will be happy to guide you. You can contact her here

Spiritual Guidance - Helen Owen

Products & Packages

I offer a wide range of products and packages to help you to connect with your spiritual self. They range from meditations, essential oils products, crystals and even artwork. So feel free to have a browse and see if there is anything your heart desires.

From $9.95

Spiritual Guidance - Helen Owen

So as you can see there are lots to choose from. If you need something that’s not listed don’t be scared to send me a message. I am open and receptive to new ideas ALWAYS!

Thanks for being here and having a read. I appreciate your time and I look forward to being able to help & support you in the future.