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As the end of the year is approaching it is really really helpful to review your year so you can learn from what has happened, accept what hasn’t happened, create closure and prepare for the new year.

Now for many 2016 has been particularly challenging, so undertaking a review might feel confronting and uncomfortable, but it is really empowering to go over what has happened and lay it to rest.

Reflection is powerful


when we reflect we can see situations for what they were and are able to apply our learning from those lessons, so always take the time to reflect however uncomfortable it is. How many times have you realised just how challenging or difficult something was when you actually look back. At the time you are purely focused on getting through the situation.

So my suggestion is that you take the year month by month.


Think about what happened that month, what were the wins and what were the challenges? And what have you learnt as a result? Do this for each month of the year and see at the end of your review how it all looks.

You will be so surprised by how much success there has been, as we often focus on what we perceive to be our failure’s not our successes. Also take a look at the tricky parts and acknowledge your strength and your tenacity. We rarely allow ourselves the time to consider our ability to deal with difficulties, we are often just so relieved to get to the other side we don’t even stop to think about what we just did to get there. So acknowledge that as a part of you and your achievements for the year.

Then take the time to celebrate the successes


and all the wonderful blessings you have received throughout the year. It is really important to remain thankful for those blessings; however small they are, as being thankful and acknowledging their existence attracts more wonderful blessings into your life.

So how has 2016 been for you? Have you felt challenged and changed by all the energies this year? I think for us all this year has brought significant changes some of which we aren’t fully aware of yet. It has certainly brought many challenges for me and I have definitely developed and evolved throughout this year.

Another pivotal part of this process is to look ahead to 2017.


What do you want to attract into your next year? What do you want your life to look and feel like? Remember to connect to those feelings, it’s the feelings that help attract in those wonderful things with ease. So rather than allowing your life to passively evolve why not set your intentions for the year ahead, or decide how you want your life to be and go about creating just that.

If you need help with this you can use something like Leonie Dawson’s workbook for Life (and there is one for business too, if you have one). I have been using these books for three years now and they really help me to actively create the life I desire. Or I can help you to attract those things you wish to create just email me at

So for now, I bid you farewell and I will be back with my next Blog in 2017. I hope you will continue to read what I have to share with you. Thank you for being the most supportive Spiritual seekers,

Much love & Spirit sparkle,